Our product range consists of paper bags.

The bags are produced in white and brown color with one, two or three layers of paper. They can be open or valve bags with an inserted layer of polyethylene, which can be the inner layer or is placed between two layers of paper, depending on the purpose and the product packed in bags.

The printing on the bag comes in up to 4 colors.

Paper bags are suitable for packing various products. They are used for packing food products (flour, fruits, vegetables, tea…), then for packing building materials, animal feed, for packing goods in supermarkets and for many other purposes.

All the raw materials our products consist of can be recycled, which as an important component in the sphere of environmental protection.



Open bags

Valve bags

Width cm

17 – 60

30 – 55

Length cm

31 – 110

47 – 90

Bottom cm

8 – 18

8 – 16